Conference Speakers

Friday Morning Speaker - 9:00 AM -Ashlee Martlage, MA LMFT CCTP


Ashlee will be Addressing the hidden messages in help seeking 


Ashlee N. Martlage is from California and is currently a Counseling Psychology PhD student at University of Texas, Austin where she is studying the impact of traumatic experiences on attachment in military and law enforcement families. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, San Diego and received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in behavior and neuroscience. She completed her clinical training and obtained her master’s degree at Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis 

in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional by the IATP.  

Friday Afternoon Speaker - 1:00 PM - Glen Lanham. Executive Director of Utah Brain Injury Alliance


Glen's Topic

Glenn is a Virginia native who has been a part of the Utah non-profit community since 1993. He

received both his BA and MBA from The College of William & Mary, and began serving as

Executive Director for the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah in December 2015. Prior organizations

served include the University of Utah, Special Olympics Utah, the Huntsman Cancer Institute

and Utah Symphony/Utah Opera.

Glenn is a caregiver for one of his sons who suffered a stroke at age 5 and a subsequent acquired

brain injury, and who later received a full heart transplant at age 17. Glenn brings to his work a

keen sense of the day-to-day reality of the impact of brain injury on a family, and the vital

importance and challenges of such daily care.

Glenn’s personal interests include music, songwriting, cooking, and all things sports.

Friday Afternoon - 4:00 PM - Indigenous Woman Speaker



Indigenous Sister 

Saturday Morning Speaker - Stacee Harris

Stacee Harris

Stacee is a communications and Sales Technology Scholar, Weber State University Woman of the Year, A Body Language Expert, Charity Founder for Single Moms, Corporate Community Servant and Devoted Single Mother of three amazing children. Sought out speaker, trainer and mentor Stacie Harris creates an intimate relationship

with her audience. She is a master presenter by spreading positivity from the front row to your bottom line. She educates groups, equipping them with life changing tools to create a positive-productive work environment.  Audiences say Stacie leaves them

seeing obstacles as opportunities, inspiring and empowering them with skills to succeed in business and personal lives. Let’s welcome a woman who inspires you to "Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and having fun doing it."

Saturday Afternoon Speaker - Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Bradley


  From San Diego California, Johnathon is a United States Army veteran and a licenced security industry professional totaling 15 years experices. Highly analytical, dedicated, and intuitive providing close personal protection and security. Launched in June of 2018, Strategic Services Command Sanctuary Domestic Abuse Protection Team has tasked itself with the goal of being a shield from attack, fending off threats or disturbances to domestic abuse victims, and ensure that getting from point A to B is safe. Possessing expertise in Emergency/Contingency- Planning and Response Procedures, Executive Protection – Principles & Concepts, and Threat and Vulnerability Assessments, Johnathon has been dedicated in protecting victims of domestic abuse in all its forms.

Saturday Evening - Stan Pate

Stan Pate is a three-time World Champion as part of the U.S, Rifle Team.

 Stan Pate is a member of the U.S.F-T/R rifle team as well as a sponsored competitor for several major companies. He is a three-time World Champion as part of the U.S, Rifle Team. While participating in three World Championships he is a five-time individual medal winner at 800 thru 1,000 yards.   He has competed in matches around the world and is a match-and-medal winner as he competed on behalf of the U.S. in other countries.  He is the first person to be recognized as Internationally Distinguished in the world in F-T/R Class competitions (scoped target rifle. Having set numerous national records as a long-range shooter he has created a boyhood dream into a reality. Dream making is the topic he will be discussing at the Southern Utah Domestic Violence Conference, as he is a survivor of domestic violence and U.S Marine Veteran. He has brought his dreams to fruition, and wants to share how he integrated his abilities to follow his dreams despite his domestic violence experience.  Stan is an inspiring motivational speaker, where he travels the world sharing his experiences of life and funneling those experiences through service as a marine and ultimately a world champion in long-range rifles.  

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