Eliminating DVA through Education


SAVVE! Vision

Educate communities about Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) to end all domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault throughout the world, and to help victims and families heal.

Mission Statement


To make a positive difference concerning domestic violence and abuse in all communities through increasing knowledge. To help all concerned parties that DVA represents Psychological, Physical, Sexual, Child, Verbal, Emotional, and Financial. To help eliminate all abuses.

Values and Principles

SAVVE is dedicated to educating others about DVA. It is our belief that knowledge propels change.

1. Educate victims, families of victims, advocates and community leaders on domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault to assist in healing.

2. Transform communities through collaboration and knowledge.

3. Improve communication between community leaders, DVA groups, and advocates.

4. Prevent DVA through education in all communities.

5. Support and assist all DVA groups.

6. Be humble.

7. Integrity in all dealings.

8. Bring Peace and Joy to all who suffer from DVA needlessly, either directly or indirectly to strengthen the healing process. 

Shareene Rice



Shareene is the Founder and Executive Director of the SAVVE -savve.org. After enduring intimate terrorism perpetrated by her spouse, she left the relationship never to return. A few months after her assault, she started studying and taking classes on recovery. It was at that time she realized what psychological, verbal, emotional, and financial abuse entailed. What she found disconcerting is; she was also abused by law enforcement, the ADA and two judges. She later completed an oral qualitative assessment among victims of domestic violence and abuse and found 100% of those she spoke to also experienced law enforcement and judicial abuse. It was at this time she realized many working with domestic violence and abuse did not understand what abuse looked like and how to help, without continuing to hurt victims. Because of the gaps recognized, Shareene wanted to do more than help. She started her PhD program, while writing her book on her experiences, started a Website and Facebook with her cousin titled Healing for Women, (only the Facebook continues today). Shareene now advocates, facilitates classes, an author, public speaker, blogs, has several Facebooks dedicated to DVA, is a radio show host on the subject of DVA, life coaches, her PhD is on DVA and holds an annual DVA conference. This conference is the first and only Southern Utah Domestic Violence Conference – where she acquires speakers she has met along the way of her own journey toward healing. 

Shareene with her council started the non-profit SAVVE (Saving Abuse and Violence Victims through Education) to help educate; victims and survivors, those who work with victims and survivors, and those who have family members of victims and survivors. She feels the best way to heal is knowledge, education and the Savior and teaches that during her classes. She understands this is a neglected subject and community, that people struggle to talk about, consequently not dealing with appropriately. She has always desired to open this subject up, so people will not fear to discuss it. Too many victims and survivors hide because the world is not a safe place to discuss this subject. As it has been swept under the rug too long. Hence the importance of all service providers of DVA victims and survivors, learn from the experience of others and professionals to help them perfect their performance, glean new ideas and to help strengthen this community. She is excited to hold this conference every year with new voices, faces, and experience that all correlate with domestic violence and abuse. 

Photography by Jaci Shotwell @ HunterKay Photography

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