Eliminating DVA through Education

SAVVE! Vision

Educate communities about Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) to end all domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault throughout the world, and to help victims and families heal.

Mission Statement


To make a positive difference concerning domestic violence and abuse in all communities through increasing knowledge. To help all concerned parties that DVA represents Psychological, Physical, Sexual, Child, Verbal, Emotional, and Financial. To help eliminate all abuses.

Values and Principles

SAVVE is dedicated to educating others about DVA. It is our belief that knowledge propels change.

1. Educate victims, families of victims, advocates and community leaders on domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault to assist in healing.

2. Transform communities through collaboration and knowledge.

3. Improve communication between community leaders, DVA groups, and advocates.

4. Prevent DVA through education in all communities

5. Support and assist all DVA groups

6. Be humble.

7. Integrity in all dealings

8. Bring Peace and Joy to all who suffer from DVA needlessly, either directly or indirectly to strengthen the healing process. 

Photography by Magic Spark